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San Diego Uber And Lyft Accident Attorney

Have You Been In An Accident While Taking An Uber Or Lyft?

Uber and Lyft, the ride-sharing services have made urban transport a lot easier and more convenient. With just a few taps on your smart device, you can have a ride pick you up from a location and drop you at your destination. The Uber and Lyft apps are easy to use; the services are affordable and convenient. That’s especially true here in San Diego, where residents have to cover long distances, where public transportation systems are not popular and where only a few can afford costly taxi services.

As is the case with all motor vehicles, there’s nothing special about Uber or Lyft vehicles to prevent injuries to passengers, and Uber or Lyft drivers when car accidents occur. Fortunately, at AK Injury Law Firm, we have a designated San Diego Uber and Lyft accident attorney to help victims obtain compensation as appropriate. We provide full case reviews on Uber and Lyft accidents. If you have been in an Uber or Lyft accident, all you have to do is call or send us an email requesting San Diego Uber and Lyft accident attorney services. We will gladly help.

How Different Are Uber And Lyft Accidents Than Other Taxi And Car Accidents?

Not quite different. The key difference has more to do with insurance coverage rather than the nature of the car accident. While ordinary taxis run the standard required insurance coverage, Uber and Lyft have enormous assets to offer better insurance packages and makes sure there is up to $1 million worth of insurance coverage if anyone is injured while riding in one of their ride-share vehicles. The laws encompassing accidents and compensations are complicated and call for knowledgeable representation to obtain the most compensation. That’s where AK Injury Law Firm‘s San Diego Uber and Lyft accident attorney services come in handy. Our accident attorney has many years of experience and success, with millions raised in accident settlements.

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Why Work With AK Injury Law Firm‘s San Diego Uber And Lyft Accident Attorney

  1. We are available locally — We have our offices in San Diego, and you will be talking and working with an attorney who is within your reach. We work after office hours and on weekends.
  2. Injury specialists — Our accident attorneys have spent years improving their skills in legal representations for accident injury claims. They are experts with keen interests in injury claims.
  3. We travel to you — If you suffered an injury and you are not in a position to visit our office, we will send our San Diego Uber and Lyft accident attorney to your location.
  4. We are compassionate — We understand how devastating car accidents can be. We know how difficult and stressful following an Uber or Lyft accident can be; we will give you all the assistance to get through the process as stress-free as it gets.
  5. We get paid when you receive your compensation — We offer our services on contingency fees and only get paid after money is recovered on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an Uber accident or Lyft accident in San Diego and have sustained an injury, call AK Injury Law Firm at 877-769-8905. We will discuss how to help you get the best care for your injuries and obtain the compensation you deserve.